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Selling On Gram Gallery

You've built a group of loyal followers on social media; they love your content!  Now for the first time you can make your unique art available to your fans so they can support your dream.               

Gram Gallery allows you to setup your own gallery of images for sale.  Your fans can select the photographs they want in a variety of sizes and formats, we take the order, print it at one of our high quality labs, and ship it, on demand.  At the end of each month we pay you the profits for the photographs sold.   Best of all, Gram Gallery is FREE for you, the artist!  There is no monthly charge to upload, promote, or sell your art on our site.  You have nothing to lose.

Sound complicated?  It's not!  All that it takes is a few simple steps:

1. Reach out to us and share your Instagram user name or link to your account.

2. Or reach out to us directly on Instagram

3. After approving your profile we will contact you with information on how you would like your gallery to be established.  Once you decide we'll build it for you and send you a link to a personal gallery where you can upload your photographs.  You can upload photographs directly from your PC, tablet, or smart phone!

* Photographs you upload should be in .jpeg or .jpg format and should be high quality

4. We will review your photographs and confirm they meet our photo guidelines.  

5. Promote your gallery!  Once the gallery is complete you can add the link on your Instagram page.  It's a good idea to post from time to time to remind your fans to check out the gallery or when you've added new or exclusive content to Gram Gallery for sale.

Check out the variety of products for sale here!

Getting Paid

Each month we will email you with a report of what you've sold, who purchased it, and will pay you the profit via PayPal.

Your Gallery

Every artist is different.  This is one of the reasons we have tried to make Gram Gallery so flexible to meet the needs of everyone from photographers, models, athletes, etc.  

Some of the decisions you can make about setting up your gallery are:

1.  Price: Depending on your preference we have created five tiers of pricing to offer your fans:   Introductory, Established, Premium, Elite, and Custom

Details of the different pricing tiers and earnings per product sold will be included in your email after approving your profile.

The higher the tier, the more you earn on every item sold!  

2.  Products: We've made it simple to offer a variety of products.  See our standard list here.

Offering the largest variety of products allows your fans more choices when it comes to supporting you, but if you want to limit the menu of options further just let us know.

Some products will automatically be made unavailable for purchase if uploaded photograph is poor quality

3. Autographed or Personalized Products:  Some fans would love a personalized message or autograph from you with their photo.  

Gram Gallery can setup special shipping on some products so after they are printed they ship to you, the artist, first.  Upon receipt you can personalize the item then ship it to it's final destination.

4.  Getting Paid:  At the start of each month we will send your sales report and distribute a payment via PayPal.  

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