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About Us

When we first joined Instagram we were blown away by all of the unique and talented artists.  It was so easy to follow hundreds if not thousands of individuals with incredible content being shared every day.  

The only frustrating experience with using the service was that the photos were too good to view them on a tiny smart phone screen and never have the chance to enjoy them in their full potential.  While a few artists seem to offer websites or stores that promoted their material, most did not.

Given our 17 years of experience in the digital print industry, this experience occurred often enough that it led us to ask, "What if you could easily buy photographs from all kinds of different Instagram artists?".  

This is where Gram Gallery got our start.  Our goal is to bring more beauty and art into the world by providing a simple way to acquire gorgeous photographs in unique and vibrant formats.

For artists, you don't need to open a real life store of your own to sell your work.  We take the order, print it on demand, and ship it directly to your fans.  Just check out Selling on Gram Gallery for details on how easy it is to create a gallery and start earning.   


We hope you have a great experience with our site and would love to hear your feedback.  Just "contact us" below to send us a note.


The Gram Gallery Team


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